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Meet Kristen Berlo

My Vision

All athletes are capable of improving their craft, body, and mind. I created H3 Performance to help athletes of all skill levels to develop the mental side of the game. As H3P grows, I look forward to incorporating the development of the craft and body to truly bring a well rounded service to all my athletes.


Mental Performance Coach

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Kristen Berlo earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Media Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she was a dual sport athlete in NCAA Division 1 women’s volleyball and softball. She then went on to receive her Master of Science degree in Sport Psychology from Northcentral University.

A current member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Kristen emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practices that produce pertinent results in the field when approaching each individual case.

Specialties include...

  • Anxiety & Stress Management

  • Confidence Development

  • Athletic Identity

  • Coping with Athletic Injury

  • Motivation Development

  • Goal Setting

  • Mindfulness Strategies

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