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Growing up, athletics played an important role in not only staying active but taking the priceless lessons learned and applying them in every day life. This was especially important as I faced various levels of adversity towards the end of my volleyball and softball career including deaths of loved ones, illness, and injury. It is because of these adversities that I discovered the power of mental performance training and set out to grow my skills to help other athletes and performers.

I believe that mental performance is just as important as physical performance in achieving success in sports. My approach combines scientific research with practical techniques to help athletes and coaches overcome mental barriers and reach their full potential more consistently.

My specialties include...

  • Anxiety & Stress Management

  • Confidence Development

  • Athletic Identity

  • Coping with Athletic Injury

  • Motivation Development

  • Goal Setting

  • Mindfulness Strategies


Retired from NCAA DI Volleyball & Softball


Began career in professional hockey


Earned M.S. in Sport Psychology & began

H3 Performance


Have worked with 60+ athletes and growing

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